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Yes, I'd love more info on how we can transform our outsourced recruitment!

Intro Offer for ATC Attendees

TalentVine is a recruitment marketplace that connects Talent Acquisition teams to customised bids from top-rated, specialist recruiters from over 150 Australian agencies.

Our technology enables you to piggy-back off the times and costs that other employers have already invested into finding similar talent.

  • Free for employers to use
  • 40% savings on recruitment fees
  • 96% candidate retention rates after 12 months
  • Reduced time to hire from 64 to 19 days.

Fill in your details to find out more and receive a $500 MYER gift card the first time you make a hire through TalentVine.

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What is TalentVine?

TalentVine is a recruitment platform allowing employers to easily find the best and most relevant recruiters to work with, no matter the budget, timeline, or role that needs filling in the business. We provide employers with visible ratings and metrics, so they can make better decisions on working with the right recruiters.


How does it work?

TalentVine screens and selects Australia’s best recruiters, and sets them up with a TalentVine profile, which showcases their area of expertise, performance metrics, and ratings in their niche market.

Employers anonymously upload their job vacancies to the platform, and recruiters place their best bids to work on them.

The successful recruiters source candidates as usual, and you as the employer interview the ones you are interested in. At the end of the process, you hire the best candidate for the job!

How much does it cost?

It is free to sign up and post roles on TalentVine. You only pay when the role has been filled. The fees you pay can be up to 40% less than standard recruitment placement fees.

As TalentVine sends recruiters job opportunities to work on, they end up spending less time on business development, and more time focusing on what they do best - sourcing the greatest candidates in the passive and active market. Because of this, recruiters are happy for TalentVine to retain 20% of the placement fees. You don't pay TalentVine anything.


Our Clients

Some of the largest and most exciting brands in Australia rely on TalentVine to find the best candidates and save on recruitment costs.

The team from TalentVine were amazing from the minute we started conversations. The website is simple and easy to use, it took me no more than 2 minutes to register and post a role up. Within 24 hours we had received a shortlist    of recruiters who were able to manage the job and at a considerably reduced fee.           Janice Esley, Brisbane Marketing

Working with TalentVine ensures that we can be confident in hiring the best possible candidates at fees that match our available budget. The process is simple, streamlined and it saves me time, the way they’ve integrated technology as part of the recruitment process has definitely been an industry innovation.    Rena Watson, DKM Group

We had spent 14 months trying to hire this         position and through TalentVine, we found a        perfect hire in only two weeks at $4,000 less          than we had been quoted elsewhere         .  Karly Whimp, Aurizon